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Be inspired by the creative genius of Adam Starr — the artist you need to know

Music and nature inspired me to start creating,” says Adam Starr, the talented NFT artist behind @_adamstarr. With a style that can be described as stream of consciousness or abstract expressionism, Adam creates captivating abstract paintings and photographs that explore themes of spirituality, universal love, the human experience, and the human connection to nature.

In Adam’s own words: “The artwork I create comes from my heart so my goal is to create an energy the viewer can tap into and relate to. The subconscious elements within my art connects the viewer to our shared human experience.”

Adam’s biggest artistic influences include Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miro, and he is also inspired by the work of Sanja Marusic. He uses traditional water-soluble oil paint combined with calligraphy pen for his paintings, and edits his photographs using Adobe Lightroom.

Adam’s advice for aspiring artists? “Keep working on your craft until you start creating undeniable art.” He believes that the art world is moving towards a digital arena where artists have more control and power over their work, and that art plays a crucial role in society by allowing people to express themselves and connect with others.

Adam has had several notable artistic accomplishments, including exhibitions in Paris and Rome, and a photograph projected onto a skyscraper in Indianapolis. He has faced challenges in marketing himself as an artist, but has overcome them by connecting with like-minded artists and collectors in his local community.

Don’t miss your chance to connect with Adam and view his incredible art. Visit his online gallery at and follow him on Twitter at @_adamstarr. You won’t be disappointed!

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