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Discover the Multifaceted Art of PIXELMAN: The Crypto-Artist Taking the Art World by Storm

Meet PIXELMAN, the multifaceted artist and crypto-artist who has taken the art world by storm. With a unique style that blends graphical exploration and classical influences, PIXELMAN has created a world of his own, filled with characters that explore the deepest questions of life and the human experience. In this article, we will delve into the mind of this talented artist and learn about his journey, creative process, and the role that art plays in society.

PIXELMAN's artistic style is a reflection of his fascination with the human condition. As he puts it, "I see the human singularity, its animal side and its divine side. I live the tragedy of life, the suffering, the anguish and the 'meaninglessness.'" Through his art, he explores vices, emptiness, and faces, creating illustrations of known and alien souls. His artworks are a commentary on the human experience, and he hopes to convey "hope in the midst of human decadence."

One of PIXELMAN's biggest influences is the master painter Rembrandt, and his artistic style is a blend of various techniques, including painting, sculpture, and photography. He is a true jack-of-all-trades, always experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

PIXELMAN's creative process is a well-oiled machine, consisting of Concept + Idea + Sketch + Technique + Completion. When asked about his creative blocks, he simply states, "Meditating." He also has a habit of getting up early, which helps him stay focused and motivated.

PIXELMAN is proud to be the one of the first crypto-artist in the 247-year history of art, and his biggest accomplishment so far is having his wife and family be proud of his work. Despite the challenges he has faced as an artist, including performance in a South American country, PIXELMAN has overcome them through discipline and organization. He balances his art with other aspects of his life, and his advice to aspiring artists is to use their artistic capabilities responsibly and to make the most of the resources available to them.

In recent years, the art world has changed from bad to worse, but PIXELMAN believes that art still plays a crucial role in society. As he says, "Art has the responsibility of transmitting the spirit of the times." He hopes that people will take away from viewing his art the importance of self-examination, and that his art will inspire them to explore their own universes.

PIXELMAN is a true artist, driven by his passion for life and his desire to make sense of the world. He is a man of great talent, and his journey as an artist is one that is truly inspiring. If you want to learn more about PIXELMAN and his art, be sure to check out his Instagram page @PIXELMAN.arts.

So, what are you waiting for? Join PIXELMAN on his journey through the realm of digital art and discover the universe he has created. It's time for Cryptoart.

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1 Comment

lauren Harris
lauren Harris
Feb 12, 2023

Great article and amazing art for the feature!

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