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Discover the Surreal World of NFT Artist CD Guthrie: The Man Behind the Mesmerizing "BRRDS" Project"

CD Guthrie, also known as @guthrie_cd on Twitter, is an NFT artist who creates stunning, surreal artworks that explore the relationship between nature and humanity. Guthrie's artistic style is representational with a touch of surrealism, and he draws inspiration from artists like James Gurney and Helen Van Wyk.

Guthrie works in a variety of mediums, including pencil, ink, paint, digital, and AI. His themes and subjects often revolve around the natural world and the way in which humanity interacts with it. Through his art, Guthrie hopes to convey the fleeting nature of our world, and the challenges that come with trying to capture beauty in a tangible form.

One of Guthrie's biggest artistic accomplishments is his NFT project, titled "BRRDS." Despite the challenges of finding time to create in the midst of a busy life, Guthrie stays motivated and inspired by the need to create something with his hands every day. He also draws inspiration from nature and other talented artists.

Guthrie believes that the art world is changing in a way that allows for more connection between artists and fans or collaborators, and that art plays an important role in society as a way for people to speak to themselves and to others. Guthrie's creative process begins with sketching a general outline or filling in a canvas with a solid color. To overcome creative blocks, he simply keeps showing up at the same time every day. He also has a few artist rituals and habits, such as playing a "lo-fi" playlist before sketching loops and shapes.

Guthrie hopes that people will take away from viewing his art an appreciation for the beauty in the little things of this world. He encourages aspiring artists to explore a wide range of styles and subjects and to push themselves to be creative in new ways. Guthrie currently doesn't have any upcoming exhibitions or projects that he'd like to promote but he always has something in mind to work towards completing. His favourite piece of art is a series of restaurant guests that resonates with his message, tells a story, highlights his personal experiences, and makes him laugh.

In conclusion, CD Guthrie is an incredibly talented NFT artist whose work is both beautiful and thought-provoking. His artistic style and themes are unique, and his process is both methodical and creative. We highly recommend checking out his work and following him on social media to stay updated on his latest projects. Link to his website:

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