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Escape into Surreal Worlds with the Digital Collage Art of Arbel420aka

Arbel420aka is an NFT artist who creates digital collage art, blending elements of pop culture, art history, and social media to create surreal, escapist worlds. “I do mostly digital collage art,” they said. “I like to call it Digital Pop DADA Surrealism or now, after doing it for over a decade, I call it Post Pop DADA Surrealism.”

The artist cites David Geva as a major influence, but draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including comics, movies, modern art, video games, and history. “I’m inspired by everything from renaissance to street art,” they said. “That is the beauty of collage in my eyes. Collage artists will cut anything.”

Arbel420aka hopes to bring a smile to viewers’ faces with their art, which often features themes of dark humor and mental health. “I hope my art will leave a smile on viewers faces,” they said. “My art is like escapism. A window into a surreal world.”

One of the biggest challenges the artist has faced is exposure, but they are working on overcoming it by letting go and focusing on creating. “Today, after many years of heartache and mental anguish, I still create, I just [am] less looking for acknowledgement,” they said.

To balance their art with other aspects of their life, Arbel420aka creates during their children’s school hours and after they go to bed. “I’m an artist/dad,” they said. “I create when the kids are at school and after they go to bed.”

For aspiring artists, Arbel420aka has some words of wisdom: “Spend more time with your loved ones. I mean, don’t spend all your energy on social media, or work, or even your art. Learn to take breaks or you’ll burn out quickly.”

The artist also sees the art world as having changed significantly in recent years due to the influence of web2 and web3. “Artists are using technology to convey ideas in new ways we couldn’t imagine,” they said. “It’s very interesting to see tech companies advancing visual ideas. This combination of art & tech is the beginning of a new art era.”

Overall, Arbel420aka sees art as playing an important role in society by providing escapism. “Art is escapism,” they said. “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Despite facing challenges as an artist, Arbel420aka remains motivated and inspired by the creative possibilities of collage art. “I never feel uninspired,” they said. “That’s another great thing I love about collage art. There is always an idea hiding in the materials.”

One of the artist’s biggest artistic accomplishments so far has been completing the first episode of a graphic novel they are working on. “Finishing the first episode of a graphic novel I’m working on,” they said, “has been my biggest artistic accomplishment so far.”

For those looking to build a career as an artist, Arbel420aka advises finding a balance between creating art and other aspects of life. “Motivation is a whole different story,” they said. “Some days I don’t feel motivated. And then I take it easy a bit. It usually doesn’t last long as I get bored and I go back to creating.”

In the end, Arbel420aka’s art is a testament to the power of creativity and the ability to find inspiration in unexpected places. “Collage is a wonderful way to create,” they said. “It’s a great way to escape and have fun.”

To see more of Arbel420aka’s unique and imaginative digital collage art, be sure to check out their online gallery at From dark humor to pop culture to mental health, their art explores a wide range of themes and subjects in a style they describe as Digital Pop DADA Surrealism or Post Pop DADA Surrealism. With a goal of bringing a smile to viewers’ faces and providing a window into surreal worlds, Arbel420aka’s art is sure to delight and inspire. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the creative vision of this talented artist.

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