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Exclusive interview: Inside the mind of Ticasso, the rising NFT artist

Ticasso, also known as @Ticas_Creations on Twitter, is a talented NFT artist whose work is heavily influenced by spraypaint and AI. Ticasso's artistic journey began with a chance encounter with a spraypaint artist while on vacation in Cancun, Mexico.

Captivated by the artist's ability to create pieces quickly and easily, Ticasso decided to take up the hobby himself, practicing diligently until he felt confident enough to sell his work.

Ticasso's artistic style can be described as a blend of spraypaint impressionism and expressionism, with a desire to incorporate AI into his work in the future. His biggest artistic influences include Alex Grey, Chris Dyer, Jake, Claire Silver, Banksy, Basquiat, Rafik Anadol and Picasso. He works in a variety of mediums, including spraypaint, acrylic, photography, digital artwork and mixed media.

The common theme throughout Ticasso's art is that they are emotional snapshots of his life. His art is meant to be thought-provoking and to push the limits of the craft of spraypaint. Ticasso stays motivated and inspired by simply living his life, not forcing inspiration. His biggest artistic accomplishment so far is selling an NFT for 0.333, which he describes as "one of the best moments of my life." Ticasso faces challenges with self-doubt and motivation but overcomes them by focusing on his character and working on himself. He balances creating art with other aspects of his life by having a "beautiful chaotic balance." Ticasso believes that AI will change the art world, and that art expresses the emotional health of society.

Ticasso's advice for aspiring artists is to "follow it to the end" and he is currently working on a new concept and minting process for his next NFT, which he hopes to sell for 0.52. His favorite piece of art is an untitled work that he has been working on for years, and represents him as a person. Ticasso's creative process involves waiting for inspiration, which he refers to as the "Genius" muse, and he handles creative blocks by trying something new. He also has an artist ritual of smoking before work, but is currently sober.

Overall, Ticasso is an incredibly talented and unique artist who has a passion for exploring new styles and pushing the boundaries of the craft of spraypaint. His work is thought-provoking, emotional and truly one-of-a-kind. He is an artist to watch in the NFT world.

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