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Explore the Fascinating World of X.Miromiro: From Social Issues to NFTs

X.Miromiro is a self-taught photographer with a passion for capturing real-life scenes and evoking emotion through their art. “Creating art is my escape from the corporate environment,” they say, “as it opens the door to a kinder, more beautiful and more exciting world.”

Born in Iran and having lived in five different countries, X.Miromiro’s multicultural experiences have heavily influenced their artistic style. They are drawn to minimalistic art and photography, and are always seeking out new and unusual perspectives to explore. “I love photography to capture real-life scenes and the desire to convey a mood or feeling using processing techniques to create the image I see in my mind’s eye,” they explain.

One of the issues that X.Miromiro is particularly passionate about is the struggle of older people in Asia. “Seeing older people working hard on the streets to survive breaks my heart,” they say. “This is, unfortunately, a typical picture across Asia.” In their photography series about the

elderly in Indonesia, X.Miromiro captures the resilience and dignity of these seniors as they work to support their families or themselves. “I asked myself why so many seniors need to work in Asia,” they say. “For many locals this is a given thing…but actually it’s a social issue. As the government is not providing enough services to seniors. Even in Singapore and South Korea.”

In addition to tackling important social issues, X.Miromiro is also interested in exploring the intersection of art and technology. They were introduced to the concept of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in late 2020 and were immediately drawn to the potential of this technology to empower small artists and share their work with a wider audience. “I found myself in a rabbit hole researching everything around NFTs,” they say. “However, my initial enthusiasm slowed down after I learned about the environmental issues and the high gas fees of minting on the Ethereum blockchain. Luckily I found out about alternative chains like Tezos, which don’t have these issues.”

As X.Miromiro continues to explore the world of NFTs and push the boundaries of their art, they hope to inspire and support other emerging artists. “I think most of my fear is around not having the ability to provide a good life for my family,” they say. “Without that I would love to be some a full time artist and explore new ways to support emerging artist.”

With a diverse portfolio and a commitment to creating meaningful art, X.Miromiro is an artist to watch out for. Whether they are tackling social issues or exploring new technologies, they are always pushing the boundaries and seeking out new adventures in the world of art. “I’m just a regular guy ;) working in corporate environment and escaping it by creating art,” they say. “But thanks to my job I could visit a lot of places. Every time I’m in a new city I’m visiting art venues and trying to immerse into the local art scene.”

Join X.Miromiro on their journey through the world of art and discover the incredible talent and perspective of this exciting photographer. Who knows where their adventures will take them next?

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