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Flipacadabra: The Multi-Talented Artist Changing the Game with Inspiring and Diverse Art

Flipacadabra is an artist who is on a mission to inspire others to see things differently and explore new dimensions of creativity. Drawing from a diverse range of influences, including skateboarding, calligraphy, and geology/crystals, Flipacadabra’s art is a reflection of his passion for flow arts and animation. “I wanted to come into the [NFT] scene with fresh new art, and not as the person I’d been before,” he says.

In addition to being an avid animator, Flipacadabra is also a multi-talented artist who works in a variety of mediums including paint, ink, photography, Photoshop, After Effects, Maya, crayons, acrylic, and Illustrator. His art often explores themes of mental health and healing, and he encourages viewers to shift their perspective and see things in a new way. “It’s extremely healing and fun for me to rediscover and mix those sometimes very dark thoughts into something fresh,” he says.

Flipacadabra’s biggest artistic accomplishment so far has been making more money from his personal art in 2021 than ever before, and in his professional life, he cites animating on the cinematics for The Last of Us 2 as a highlight. “In my professional life, I think my biggest one was animating on the Last of Us 2 cinematics,” he says.

Despite his successes, Flipacadabra has faced challenges as an artist, particularly in balancing his family life with his time for creating art. However, he has found ways to integrate his art into his daily life and make it a priority. “One challenge I have faced as an artist is balancing my family life with my time for creating art. I have overcome this challenge by finding ways to integrate my art into my daily life and making it a priority,” he says.

Flipacadabra’s unique and diverse artistic style is fueled by his love of microdosing, weed, the NFT space, and listening to music. He is dedicated to creating art that inspires others to “flip” their perspective and see things in a new light. “I want to convey a dire need for people to shift their gaze, turn their head, move their body more in any way, to gain a new dimension to see from and create with,” he says. “Flipacadabra your day, the way you cook, the way you sit, dance, play, fuck, drink, art, everything.”He says.

In addition to his love for animation and flow arts, Flipacadabra cites Gennedy Tartakovsky, Joe Madureira, Alan Watts, Chad Muska, Aaron Horkey, Anthony Francisco Schepperd, Lawrence Stoller, and Orbital as his biggest artistic influences. Each of these individuals has left a lasting impact on Flipacadabra’s artistic style and approach to creating art.

As an artist, Flipacadabra is always looking for ways to stay motivated and inspired. He finds inspiration in the NFT space, using new tools and switching between styles, and by listening to an eclectic mix of music. “Microdosing, weed, the NFT space and having artistic friends, listening to hybrid and orbital and overall amazing music. Also by using new tools and switching from one style to another. I can’t ever only just do one type of art,” he says.

Despite the challenges he has faced as an artist, Flipacadabra remains dedicated to his craft and continues to create art that inspires and resonates with others. His message is clear: “Flipacadabra your day, the way you cook, the way you sit, dance, play, fuck, drink, art, everything.” With his unique and diverse artistic style and his commitment to creativity and personal growth, Flipacadabra is an artist worth keeping an eye on.

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