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Get Lost in the Abstract-Surreal World of NFT Artist Richard Masa

When 7-year-old Richard Masa first saw the Alien movie in 1979, it was a life-defining experience that sparked a tremendous curiosity within him. This abstract experience led him down the path of dark art and eventually to the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, where he studied under Master Sandor Molnar. Molnar introduced Masa to Painter Yoga, a unique approach to spiritual growth for artists that combines ancient occult teachings with a modern artist’s life.

Since graduating in 2000, Masa has worked in the gaming industry and as a multimedia artist, creating drawings, oil paintings, iron and bone sculptures, and 3D animations. His art is characterized by a dynamic gesture that is the starting point for each piece, and an organic visual language that can provide subconscious revelations. In his process sculptures, Masa explores the concept of “we are all one” through the ideas of process philosophy. He believes that reality is a process and that the mind labels objects and gives them names, abstracting them from reality. His art aims to put the individual human body back into the process and free our minds from suffering.

Masa is inspired by pop culture, including comic books, movies, and video games, and cites HR Giger, the creator of the Alien creature, as his biggest influence. His themes often revolve around the human condition and the exploration of the human form. He describes his artistic style as abstract-surrealism and is constantly moving and evolving with the creations he makes.

Be sure to check out Masa’s work on his website ( and Instagram ( You can also follow him on Twitter (@RichardMasaArt) for updates on his latest projects and exhibitions.

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