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Get to Know NFT Artist Gibran: An Interview with the Man Behind the Art

“What inspired me is actually the situation on my surrounding, making something that happened in real life into digital art, spreading some message to all the world and people,” says Gibran, an up-and-coming NFT artist whose work is known for its expressive and colorful style.

Gibran’s art often explores themes of web 3.0 and the human experience, and he uses bright images and bold texts to convey emotion. “I would describe my artistic style as expressive, colorful, sarcastism, using bright images and bold texts, a wide range of hues to convey emotion in my posters,” he explains. “My work often explores themes of web 3.0 and the human experience, and I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and approaches in my art.”

Gibran’s artistic influences come from social media, particularly Instagram, where he has been inspired by other digital artists for the past seven years. “I get a lot influence by social media especially instagram actually, there are a lot of great digital artist there, i couldnt really mention their name but they’ve been influenced me for almost 7 years in my design journey,” he says.

Gibran works with Photoshop and Illustrator to create his art, and often includes hidden messages in his posters about web 3.0 problems and the human experience. “I stay motivated cause there are lots of awesome people on NFT spaces that admire my work, and also my girlfriend, not to be hyprocite but if i can make a lot of sales by my art. i would use it for marrying her, she’s my number one fan of my work,” he says.

Gibran’s biggest artistic accomplishment so far has been meeting his first collector and making his first sale. “Meeting my first collector and connect with a really really awesome person in NFT spaces, also got my first sale for 0.1 ETH,” he says.

Gibran has faced challenges in getting engagement on the web and with language barriers, but he has overcome these challenges by learning English and staying up to date on the latest developments in web 3.0. “Getting engagement from people on the Web 3.0, thats the hard one. also some language barrier cause im not a native english speaker so i overcome it with a lot of jumping through spaces and keep learning english, also learning a lot about what happened in Web 3.0 also Web 2.0,” he says.

Gibran balances his art with other aspects of his life by keeping a schedule and separating his time between day and night. “Keep everything on schedule, i have my own private schedule to handle all of it. and separating time between day and night. the time differences between my country and others makes me can schedule it,” he explains.

Gibran has advice for aspiring artists: “Dont give up, sometimes you cant get what you want so keep moving forward, also always remember that doing things with hoping something in return doestn work in any things in this world so just do things or nice things cause you like it and want to do it. one more thing, its gonna be worth it, all the pain, long wait and everything.”

Gibran believes that the art world has changed in recent years, with a shift from web 2.0 to web 3.0 and from canvas to digital media. “From what i saw, couple years ago till now. its all different but only the medium and the places to saw them, from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, from canvas to blank file, from imagination to real images ‘AI’, but there’s one more thing too that changed, its the way people looking through art, they give more respect into it, without judging a lot,” he says.

Gibran also thinks that art plays a crucial role in society. “Art plays a number of roles in society. It can serve as a means of self expression and a way for individuals to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with others. It can also serve as a form of cultural exchange, allowing people from different backgrounds to learn about and appreciate different art forms and traditions. Additionally, art can serve as a means of social commentary, offering a platform for artists to address important issues and spark discussions and debates about pressing social and political topics,” he explains.

Check out Gibran’s online gallery at and follow him on Twitter @gibranposterist to see more of his amazing art. If you’re looking to add some meaningful and visually striking pieces to your NFT collection, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Gibran.

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