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NFT Artist Kugutsu NFT's Dead Animal Parts Sculptures Will Leave You Shocked and Mesmerized

If you’re a fan of the bizarre and grotesque, you won’t want to miss this interview with NFT artist Kugutsu NFT. His sculptures, made from dead animal parts, are being described as ‘hideously beautiful and beautifully hideous,’ ‘hilariously disgusting,’ and ‘meatalicious.’ But don’t let the nauseating descriptions fool you — Kugutsu’s art is also captivating and thought-provoking. In this interview, he shares his unique artistic journey and the role NFTs have played in allowing him to express himself.

Kugutsu NFT has always loved to make things. When asked what inspired him to become an artist, he said, ‘I have always loved to make things since I was a child. I think my current works are an extension of that love.’ But Kugutsu’s art is unlike anything you’ve seen before. When asked to describe his style, he said, ‘I have never cared myself what style of art it is, as it depends on the viewer…My art is being described as absurdly beautiful and beautifully hideous, meat-tacular, nauseating, hilariously disgusting, captivating and repulsive, and meatalicious.’ Clearly, Kugutsu’s art elicits strong reactions from viewers.

Kugutsu’s biggest artistic influence is himself. When asked about his influences, he said, ‘Everything you see and feel is an influence, an inspiration. I believe in the potential of the brain, and I feel that if you input enough data into the brain, the answers will come naturally!’ This self-reliance and belief in the power of the mind is evident in Kugutsu’s unique artistic style and subject matter. When asked about the themes he explores in his art, he said, ‘There is no particular theme. I think that by setting a fixed theme, there are fewer possibilities.’ Instead, Kugutsu allows his art to flow freely and organically, resulting in works that are both captivating and unpredictable.

Kugutsu’s art may be hard for some people to digest, both literally and figuratively. When asked about the challenges he has faced as an artist, he said, ‘The main problem with my work is that it’s hard to digest. I think it’s delicious.’ But Kugutsu’s willingness to push boundaries and challenge conventional norms has also been a driving force behind his success as an artist. When asked about the role he thinks art plays in society, he said, ‘Everything can be art, and we live in it.’ Clearly, Kugutsu’s art is more than just a physical object — it’s a statement about the world we live in and the way we perceive it.

Kugutsu’s journey as an artist has been full of ups and downs, but he remains driven and motivated. When asked about how he stays inspired and motivated, he said, ‘There may be something to be gained by seeing, feeling and digesting everything, I don’t know if it will be inspiration or motivation.’ And when asked about his creative process, he said,

  1. create a work of art in my mind

  2. gather materials

  3. making.

Kugutsu’s simple but effective approach to art-making has allowed him to create a wide range of unique and captivating works. Kugutsu NFT is an artist who defies convention and expectations. His sculptures, made from dead animal parts, are both grotesque and beautiful, and they challenge viewers to think outside the box and consider the world in new ways. Kugutsu’s self-reliance and belief in the power of the mind have been key to his success as an artist, and he continues to push boundaries and challenge norms through his art. If you’re a fan of the bizarre and unconventional, be sure to check out Kugutsu’s website ( and follow him on Twitter (@KugutsuNFT) for updates on his upcoming projects and exhibitions. One thing is for sure — Kugutsu’s art is not for the faint of heart, but it is sure to captivate and inspire you.

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