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Meet Seemab Zaheera: The NFT Artist Whose Work Reflects the Hurdles of Life

Seemab Zaheera is an NFT artist whose work spans from conceptual minimalism to geometric abstraction. With a background in realism, Seemab breaks the norm by incorporating elements of abstraction into their paintings.

“I needed a way to express myself as I was unable to do so with just my words,” Seemab said about their journey into the art world. “Being a trained artist, I do realism but like to break the norm and so dabble in abstraction as well but have never been able to break free from figurative.”

Seemab cites Picasso, Matisse, Henry Moore, and AV Ilango as their biggest artistic influences. The artist works primarily in acrylic on canvas and explores themes of life and the challenges it brings.

“I see other artists works and how they push themselves. That is great motivation,” Seemab shared about their inspiration. “That times might be tough but you are tougher so hang in there, keep doing what you do to the best of your ability” is the message Seemab hopes to convey through their art.

One of Seemab’s biggest accomplishments as an artist has been having their work featured in the Tezos Foundation. They have also faced challenges, such as mental blocks, but have learned to overcome them by using their art as a personal diary and focusing on their own creative process.

“Don’t measure yourself according to another individual or other’s critiques. Your work is your personal diary. You never consult another person what to write in it and the same applies to painting. You do you! Rest is history!” Seemab advised aspiring artists.

Seemab believes that the art world has changed significantly in recent years with the integration of technology and the expansion of the art market into the digital realm. “The boundaries of art has stretched beyond comprehension,” Seemab said. “From physical moving into digital has been a giant leap and the skill these digital artists bring is quite mind blowing.”

The artist believes that art plays a crucial role in society by promoting creativity and fostering “out of the box” thinking. “Art is crucial for a society to grow. When you open up the limits and just allow yourself to create, you and everyone around you are happier so it is better in the long run,” Seemab said.

Seemab has an upcoming collaboration with poet Shahnaz Ahmed, which will be available on objkt. “I think it will be phenomenal!” Seemab exclaimed.

When asked about their favorite piece of art, Seemab chose a personal work that reflects on their struggles with self-criticism.

“I have word triggers so I write those words down when I get images in my head. Then I explore by starting with those words in mind and see how the story unfolds. I wait for my painting to speak to me. What I begin with is never how to final work turns out to be,” Seemab said about their creative process.

Check out Seemab Zaheera’s website and follow them on Twitter (@ZaheeraSeemab) to stay updated on their latest projects.

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