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Psychedelic, Thought-Provoking Art: An Interview with NFT Artist KUSH

Meet KUSH, the talented NFT artist behind the @metamushrooms on Twitter and the creator of the online gallery Musee des MetaChampignons. With a passion for the transformative power of art and a style that is both surrealist and abstract, KUSH’s work explores a range of themes including nature, mythology, spirituality, and the human condition.

KUSH describes his art as “psychedelic, thought-provoking, and deeper than most people think,” with a focus on conveying a sense of hope and beauty through his work. He finds inspiration by reading other artists’ work, attending art events and exhibitions, and listening to music that inspires him, and he stays motivated by setting goals for himself and constantly challenging himself to explore new ideas.

One of KUSH’s biggest artistic accomplishments to date has been exhibiting his work in international galleries and museums, including solo and group exhibitions in the Metaverse. Despite facing challenges such as fear of failure, KUSH has learned to embrace the creative process and overcome these challenges by learning from his mistakes and building a strong support system.

When asked about how he balances creating art with other aspects of his life, KUSH advises other artists to prioritize their time and set aside dedicated times for creating. He also stresses the importance of taking time to rest and relax, as well as engaging in other activities.

For those looking to get started in the world of NFT art, KUSH recommends learning as much as possible about the technology and staying current with industry trends. He also encourages artists to embrace their unique style and to not be afraid to take risks and experiment with new ideas.

Overall, KUSH is a talented and inspiring NFT artist whose work is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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