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Punk Artist Dezentral Takes on Dystopia in Stunning Digital Collages

Introducing Dezentral, the artist using punk raw stencil digital collages and collage animations to express their individuality and reaction to the dystopic world we live in. Drawing inspiration from early modernists and post-capitalism artists like Malevich and Bansky, Dezentral explores themes of nostalgia, collective memory, wealth inequality, and the dystopic reality in their art.

“I usually like to point out hypocrisy that we endure in our ages and try to make the viewer think about it and create its own message,” Dezentral says. “I believe the art pieces should reveals more about the viewer than its creator.”

Dezentral’s biggest artistic accomplishment so far has been working on big movies and trailers, but they remain humble about their achievements. “I don’t know what is an accomplishment counts in the truly artistic sense,” they say.

The artist has faced the challenge of maintaining motivation in the face of the numbing effect of the world around them, but they remain driven by their desire to create meaningful art that pushes for positive change and progress. “Art should be the critic of the norms and paradigms in society and culture,” Dezentral says. “It should try to make people question what has been accepted by status quo and always try to push for positive change and progress.”

Dezentral’s creative process begins with idea generation through sketching and thinking. They don’t force themselves to create every day, instead preferring a more relaxed and unforced approach. Music is an important part of their artist rituals and habits.

Dezentral’s favorite piece of art is their Simulation Collection on FND and Gen Alpha Collection on Teia, both of which convey a unified message. They hope that viewers will take away their own interpretation of the art, and that it will inspire positive change and progress.

Check out Dezentral’s and follow them on Twitter (@dezentral1) to stay updated on their latest art and exhibitions.

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