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The NFT Artist Whose Supernatural Powers Are Revolutionizing the Art World

Achtungrael is not your average artist. Not only does their work explore the complex connections between humans, history, and technology, but it also delves into deeper themes and subjects, such as their own deep feelings and thoughts. “Just expression, a very unique aesthetic experience,” says Achtungrael of their art.

But Achtungrael’s art isn’t just about aesthetics. It also serves as a measure and critique of culture and a reflection of our choices. “Art is one of the most important things. because it is a measure and critique for all that happens with society and culture,” says Achtungrael. “It is a reflection of our own choices and a window into the future. Art helps us understand ourselves better.”

But how does Achtungrael stay motivated and inspired as an artist? “By trying to have a better understanding of my own personal history and the great moment of disconnecting from reality while I create,” says the artist. And when faced with creative blocks or artist’s block, Achtungrael turns to their artist rituals and habits, including seeking inspiration from dreams and altered states of consciousness.

But Achtungrael’s artistic journey hasn’t always been easy. “People don’t get my art voice so easily,” admits the artist. “Everyday I try to overcome that by explaining it better.”

Despite the challenges, Achtungrael perseveres, driven by their passion for art and their desire to share their unique creations with the world. In fact, Achtungrael’s art has already been recognized by art historians as unique.

And Achtungrael’s art may be about to get even more unique. According to the artist, they have received messages from the goddess of confusion, Eris. “I get ideas from dreams and from altered states of conscience,” says Achtungrael. “I hope that my art gets to be understood in my lifetime.”

With the goddess of confusion on their side, Achtungrael’s art is sure to continue breaking boundaries and captivating audiences for years to come.

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