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Uncover the Stunning Vision of Lauren L Harris: The B&W Digital Street Photographer

Lauren L Harris is a talented artist who specializes in B&W digital street photography and documentary. With her handle @nogreyareaphoto and website, she showcases her art to the world. She draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Vincent Van Gogh, and Paul Conroy.

Her artistic style is characterized by clean, tight shots, taken mainly with a 55mm lens. She focuses on street and city life, architecture, and social justice issues, conveying the message to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary and to live in the moment. She listens to music, watches movies and TV, and continually strives to progress in her craft to overcome creative burnout.

Lauren has faced challenges in her artistic journey, particularly due to her chronic illness. Nevertheless, she remains resilient, always pushing herself to improve her skills. She believes that aspiring artists should embrace the creative process, try different styles, and not be afraid to ask questions and seek feedback. She also advises entering national and international competitions to get honest feedback on their work.

Art, according to Lauren, plays a significant role in society as it is a reflection of history and human emotions. She has seen the art world change over the years, becoming more focused and emotional, with a dark contrast in technical terms.

In conclusion, Lauren L Harris is a dedicated artist with a passion for capturing the essence of street and city life through her lens. She inspires us to look closer and appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, and her art serves as a testament to her resilience and dedication to her craft.

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