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Unlock the Mysteries of Web3 with AI Artist Ebby: A Journey Through the Digital Realms

Ebby is an AI artist and storyteller who is making waves with their unique blend of image manipulation, AI and story telling. Ebby has been making art since they were a kid and after a long break Ebby has returned to their passion with a vengeance. From the works of MC Escher and Gustave Dore to their own unique take on ancient mythology, Ebby’s art is truly awe-inspiring. In Ebby’s own words, “Everyone is connected, regardless of who, when and where.”

Ebby’s works explore a range of themes and subjects, from everyday situations to ancient mythology. Ebby’s biggest artistic accomplishment so far is being selected for NFT.NYC, showing that Ebby’s work is as relevant as ever. Ebby has faced a range of challenges in their journey as an artist, from feeling left behind to a hectic IRL schedule. Ebby has persevered by dedicating at least two to three hours of art a day, pushing what they can do and supporting other artists. Ebby has a creative process that starts with an idea and a thousand stories in their brain waiting to come to life. To overcome creative blocks, Ebby walks away and starts a different piece.

Ebby is an inspiring artist who has followed their passion from an early age and has faced many challenges to get to where they are today. Ebby’s work is inspiring and thought-provoking and it is clear that Ebby is dedicated to their art, no matter the obstacles. From Ebby’s own words, it is clear that, “There are stories to my artwork. Some have my personal experiences/trauma I dealt with as a child and others are stories that have been living in my head until I found AI and a way to bring them to life. I found something I've been missing my whole adult life. I ain't going anywhere if I can't help it.” We are excited to see what Ebby will create next and how their art will continue to evolve. If you want to support Ebby’s art, you can check out their online exhibitions and keep up with what they are doing by following them on Twitter @ebysslabs.

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