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Experience the Power of RabidArtWork’s Art: Contemporary Street Art Brut at its finest

RabidArtWork is a contemporary street artist whose emotive and expressive art captures the essence of street art culture. With a background in acting, RabidArtWork brings a unique perspective to their art, incorporating a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, and digital manipulation, into their work.

“I like to combined all my tools to create, acting, painting, photography, digital manipulation, and any new tool I come across that helps me expand,” RabidArtWork says.

With a style described as Contemporary Street Art Brut, RabidArtWork’s work is driven by their emotions and feelings, exploring a wide range of themes and subjects. “I let my emotions and feelings lead the way. It can be comedic, political, personal, etc… I go off what I’m feeling strongly about the day I choose to create,” RabidArtWork says.

RabidArtWork’s art is influenced by a range of artists, including OgieRoks, Futura, Kaws, Cleon Petersson, ChrisRWK, Kenny Scharf, and street art in general. “Although the subject matter varies wildly, you can always recognize a RabidArtWork,” the artist says.

But RabidArtWork’s art is not just about aesthetics, it also conveys a message of kindness and self-awareness. “If I had to pin point and overall message I would say, kindness and self awareness is the key to life,” the artist says.

RabidArtWork’s journey as an artist has not been without its challenges. “Daily rejection, financial instability, mental health… there are no lack’s of challenges being an artist,” the artist admits. However, RabidArtWork has found ways to overcome these challenges, finding multiple sources of income, building a tough skin through their experience as an actor, and practicing self-awareness and meditation.

“Being an actor for the past 10 years, I deal with rejection on a daily basis, which has giving me a tough skin. Focus on one thing at a time, tomorrow is another day, keep creating,” RabidArtWork says. “To be balanced and healthy, you must find many sources of income, build a tough skin over time and let things go easily, meditate to become more self-aware, activate your senses and get present and often as possible, always remember that no matter how good or bad your feeling in a given day, tomorrow will be a new day full of new opportunities and emotion.”

The digital art space has also had a significant impact on RabidArtWork’s career, expanding the artist’s reach and providing the opportunity to receive residuals for their work. “The digital art space has expanded an artist’s reach and ability to get eyes on their work. As well as creating artist ability to receive residuals for the first time in history,” RabidArtWork says.

RabidArtWork’s art can be found on OpenSea, where the artist has a collection of RAW Mfer Heads available for purchase. With a creative process that begins with acrylics on canvas and incorporates a variety of tools and techniques, RabidArtWork’s art is constantly evolving and expanding. “It differs, but usually an emotion or a feeling of the day that set me off to create. I start on a canvas with acrylics and then employ my army of tools to convey what I want,” the artist says.

Despite the challenges and rejection that come with being an artist, RabidArtWork remains motivated and inspired. “I don’t have creative blocks. I’m always overflowing with ideas and trying to catch to produce as any as I can. An impossible task to complete.” the artist says.

“RabidArtWork’s art is a reflection of their emotions, a voice for exploring humanity and our values, and a reminder of the importance of kindness and self-awareness. “Art is a huge voice of society, exploring humanity and our values. Art can shift history, the present, and the future,” the artist says.

RabidArtWork’s art not only captures the energy and emotion of street art, but also conveys a message of kindness and self-awareness. “If I had to pin point and overall message I would say, kindness and self awareness is the key to life,” the artist says.

“My favorite pieces constantly change, because I love my work and almost every new piece I create becomes my favorite,” RabidArtWork says. Each piece is a unique expression of the artist’s emotions and feelings, and every new creation has the potential to become a favorite.

For aspiring artists, RabidArtWork has some valuable advice: “Time is important, you can’t rush the process, you will start thinking one thing and time will offer you a different perspective, new skills, opportunities, and change you as an artist and a person. But still kindness and self awareness is always key.”

RabidArtWork’s art is a testament to the power of emotion and self-expression, and their work is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary street art culture. Be sure to check out RabidArtWork’s work on OpenSea and experience the emotive power of Contemporary Street Art Brut for yourself.”

We are excited to invite you to check out the work of contemporary street artist RabidArtWork on their website. RabidArtWork’s emotive and expressive art captures the essence of street art culture and conveys a message of kindness and self-awareness. Be sure to visit RabidArtWork’s website to see more of their incredible art and learn more about their journey as an artist

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