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From Calligraphy to Glitch to AI: An Interview with Max Jackson, the NFT Artist You Need to Follow

Meet Max Jackson: The NFT Artist Bridging Calligraphy, Glitch, and AI

For Max Jackson, also known as @MXJXN on Twitter and on the web, art has always been a part of life. Growing up with two musicians and artists, he was exposed to creativity from a young age. However, it wasn’t until six years ago when he started block printing as a hobby that he truly embraced his own artistic talent. “I quickly realized I had no typography skills so switched over to practicing calligraphy,” he recalls. “Through Instagram and my practice, I fell in love with abstract calligraphy.”

Jackson’s calligraphy is a meditation, with the art being the act of creating it. “The result are like fallen leaves — some beautiful, all varied, definitely piling up in a corner!” he says. But it wasn’t until he lost his income due to COVID-19 that he started selling his art to pay the bills. “Later that year I committed more heavily to it and went full time NFT artist,” he says.

Jackson’s artistic style can be described as experimental, as he enjoys bridging his technique across different mediums and tools. “My glitch abstracts are pure aesthetic. No layers, just an experiment in trusting my gut,” he explains. “My 3d work so far has been largely inspired by my own calligraphy, and the amazing procedural 3d artists out there who I learned so much from.” And with his work in AI, Jackson says he uses it as a storytelling tool. “Rather than simply pumping out beautiful imagery, I like to use it as a storytelling tool,” he says.

Jackson cites Ishtar of uruk on Instagram as a major influence on his calligraphy, and Max Hay as the inspiration for his work in 3D. Malavidaaa and Claire Silver also inspire his abstract and AI art, respectively. “I love to bridge my technique across different mediums and tools,” he says.

In addition to calligraphy, Jackson works in Glitchlab, Blender, and AI. His themes and subjects often revolve around peace and focus, and he hopes to convey the message through his art that anyone can create. “While I hope to inspire awe with my imagery, calligraphy especially, anyone who looks a little closer can see the simple approach which is nothing more than patience and repetition,” he says. “What looks perfect never is. Perfection is ugly — only with human mistakes does a work really stand out.”

So how does Jackson stay motivated and inspired as an artist? “I am endlessly compelled to explore and create,” he says. “A deep need to tell a story through creating keeps me going every day.” And while he admits that “smoking weed” helps, he jokingly adds, “I do what I have to do to get back to making art!”

One of Jackson’s biggest artistic accomplishments so far has been selling out a collection of 100 calligraphy pieces, as well as making two ETH sales of 5 ETH each. But what means the most to him is “having developed a small dedicated collector base.” He has also faced challenges as an artist, including imposter syndrome, but he has overcome them by reminding himself that his work extends beyond just pixels or paint on a canvas, and by embracing the idea that he is a legitimate artist. “Fake it till you make it baby, we’re all doing it!”

Jackson has embraced the changes in the art world in recent years, including the rise of digital art and the emergence of the NFT market. He has found success as an NFT artist and is involved in the community, participating in exhibitions and working with other artists.

For aspiring artists, Jackson has this advice: “Don’t doubt yourself. You can’t be good at anything until you’re bad at it a thousand times. And you don’t have to do it a thousand times before you call yourself an artist. See yourself as a king or queen, always. Never put others on pedestals above you.”

The art world has certainly changed in recent years, with the rise of digital art and the emergence of the NFT market. “Hell if I know!” Jackson says with a laugh when asked about these changes. “But it’s exciting to see the democratization of art. It’s a wild wild west and I love it.”

Currently, Jackson is participating in an exhibition on, where he is showcasing his latest work. Don’t miss the opportunity to see his unique blend of calligraphy, glitch, and AI, and to support an up-and-coming NFT artist. Be sure to check out the exhibition and follow Jackson on Twitter and on his website to stay updated on his latest creations.

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